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Número de Certificado : 20170920025122

Año : 2016
Formato : 72x72cm
Soporte : Ilford Matt Paper professional quality
Técnica : Analogic photography / silver process
Número Dibujo : 2/20

Karoline AMAURY

Using exclusively argentic photography, KAROLINE AMAURY 'S medium truly are LIGHT - TIME - SPACE and SILENCE   Within the silence something can be revealed ... NOT ONLY A PHOTOGRAPHER...! Guided by her research in Sacred Geometry and the intense study of  " The Temple of Man" ( Temple of Luxor in Egypt) by the Philosopher, Symbolist and Egyptologist  R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz Karoline decided in 2005 to live in Egypt , to experiment Egypt in total immersion, at the foot of the sacred mountain  called " The Theban ".   LIGHT is Karoline's inspiration . Her art goes beyong the visible ....  Somehow it reveals something of our own cosmic bound. K.Amaury 's artwork is part of the KASPER ( famous New-Yorker Collector) Private Collection of Drawings and Contemporary Photography . Some of her artworks have been exhibited at the MORGAN LIBRARY & MUSEUM in NYC. Her research on Light and her study in sacred geometry guided Karoline in her approach of the "Chapelle Saint Gabriel " of Tarascon. She did a photographic work during 3 consecutive years observing the Sun course inside the matrix of the Chapel.(XI century) . Part of her work was exposed during her solo exhibition "HELIOGRAPHY" that took place inside the Chapel. This work is still " in progress" and will be edited soon. She participated to " Les Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles" with her 6 meter wide & height Camera Obscura named " Utopia " in the middle of the Roman Forum in Arles! This amazing camera obscura was also part of the Contemporary Art festival "A-PART" in the " Château des Alpilles", St Remy de Provence. Recently her photographic artwork was exhibited in Torino/Italy in a solo show called " LUCE" at the Gallery Zabert. Currently, she lives & works  between Egypt and Italy.

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